How the Soft Life Found Me

before i get to the the actual blog, this would probably be a good time for a soft intro. 

My name is Naz, an ever-evolving entrepreneur who has dabbled in so many things, that I've mastered the rebirth. That'll due for now. But keep reading. 

The Soft Life found me because I found myself doing too much. 

A soft life for me means flow, not forcing just attracting. Here’s an example of how that went for me today. This morning I was creating content and photoshoot and it just wasn’t working out. Angles were off because there were items or people in the background. It was a cloudy day so the quality of pics looked meh. And i was on a tight schedule. So i was like forget it, it wasn’t meant to be, let go of the expectation of myself I had in that moment and i laid down on the day bed and realized 10 minutes had passed and I'd been “living my soft life”  unconsciously! I didn’t try to push through, i released. I honored the facts and didn’t get upset. 15 minutes later, the sun came in?.The scenery cleared and boom bang, i got the pic. Better than I could’ve imagined. 


I attracted that moment. Here's that moment.