The Soft Life Meaning: From Era to Lifestyle

As long as you don’t live under a rock, you’ve seen Soft Life emerging through your social media feeds, being referenced by women who look to find a more balanced life. By definition a soft life is “one of ease, peace and comfort.” It’s become an affirmation for  women to invite grace, self-care, and self love.

Through the concept of soft life, women are consciously questioning the hustle culture; the pace at which we’ve subscribed to the never ending quest of productivity.

The concept of a soft life came crashing down in Summer of 2022. It came during a time when we were relaunching our self care checklist. Being a Collective Woman, we built the brand striving to promote all the parts of the  black woman that society pushed on us. Resilient and progressive. The parts  we’ve worn with a badge of honor. But then realized, the badge, this cape, wasn’t sustainable. 

Embarking on the Soft Life Journey

My soft life began with a hard beginning and has become one of the most beautiful parts of me. Most girls that I know who have joined the Soft Life Era normally came after a very scary moment in their life. Whether it was a health scare, career changes, or twisted love stories, they all shared a common declaration. They were tired, fed up, and no longer letting their life be controlled by the hands of others. 

They were ready for their Soft Life. 
Here are some steps I advise you take as you start your journey:

An Honest Self Evaluation

You really have to ask yourself the hard questions. How did I get here? What part did I play? What red flags did I ignore?

Boundary Setting

When you get to that “fed up” feeling, normally you’ll have to set parameters and barriers to not be triggered along with rewriting a hard life into a soft one. This can be hard at first, but hold on. It will get easier.

Hang in New Environments

I know you’re thinking this means going out, trying new places, and all the things people show a Soft Life to be. From experience, it’s actually quite the contrary. You’ll be creating a new environment to nurture the new you, soothe the old you, and really see what kind of life you want to create. 

Embracing the soft life begins with understanding its essence. It’s not the glamorous part; it’s the small ones with the biggest impacts. It’s sleeping in when rest calls. It’s waking up early when you need alone time. It’s turning your phone off for an hour without worrying about what everyone else needs. 

And most importantly;It’s the small daily habits that will  keep you accountable to this new life. 

Incorporating self-reflection and mindfulness into my daily routine, I inevitably began to prioritize myself. My personal style evolved;I was vibrating higher. I demanded more. I turned down the volume to what other people wanted and prioritized what I needed. 

Community and the Soft Life

When I embarked on this Soft Life, I naively called it an era.  The journey evolves and you get to keep redefining what a soft life means to you. What  it meant to me in 2021, has greatly changed. I’ve kept the core beliefs but I’ve tailored it to me, my needs, and deepest desires. 

I really was able to nurture my soft life journey with other women. My hope is that, if you’re here, you’re maybe craving the same thing. Find a tribe of people who help keep you accountable on this new journey. I extend an invitation to embrace the soft life and join the supportive community at The Collective Woman. Join us on the journey. 

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