PregoMama Maternity Comfy Leggings/Trousers w/Abdomen Support

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Start enjoying your pregnancy today!

Every future mommy needs a good pair of pants to stay comfortable through the whole pregnancy. Long gone are the days where you need a new pair every trimester. These leggings are the perfect blend of stretching freedom, breathable comfort and ultra-soft tummy support!

Preglegs go above your tummy to keep it from hanging and give you a sense of lightness! You can do anything in them and rest assured they’ll fit you during your whole pregnancy!

Preglegs adjust as your tummy grows and never stop staying comfortable! You can stop feeling heavy and enjoy the lightness and support you’ll feel once you step inside them!

Why Preglegs are for you

All-day comfort- Whether you are staying at home, going for a walk or taking a nap you’ll always feel comfortable when going about your day!

Lighter than ever- Remove the discomfort of pregnancy, fit your tummy inside the stretchy waistline to feel supported and light!

Fits until the end- From day one until the end of month nine, you’ll always find more room to fit in as your tummy gets bigger!

Preglegs are the ultimate choice- Who said the last months should be the hardest, enjoy your last weeks of pregnancy feeling supported and comfy inside Preglegs!

Two options: with foot holder and without!

Texture: cotton blend + velvet

Color: black, dark gray, light gray